Online Business in Nigeria

Online Business in Nigeria

A lot of people are scared of starting online business.

In fact, When you mention online business, the next thing that comes to their mind is networking marketing products like Oriflame, Longrich, AIM Global, Trevo, Edmark, Forever Living Products and others. Or they assume it’s Ponzi scheme like MMM, bring N1,000, take N2,000.

Understand that starting or having an online business is quiet different from the above narratives.

In the above instance, you are more of a marketer for the companies. An independent marketer.

An online business owner is just like the person who rents a shop and stock it with products or offer service(s) to people within that location for profit purposes.

The difference is, instead of renting a shop, paying agent, agreement, legal fee, and renovating, you rent the space online(free or paid) either through owning your own website, registering on e-commerce sites or social media platforms/tools.

And start nurturing and building it.

What do you think about building an online business?

What are your biggest challenge building one?


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